JT-9 Replacement Parts

Part Selection
Replacement parts for JT-9 lower.
  1. Ejector
  2. Magazine stop
  3. LRBHO
  4. LRBHO roll pin
  5. Ejector/magazine stop roll pin
  6. Ejector/magazine stop roll pin (same as #5)
  7. Ambi bolt release transfer pin
  8. Threaded bolt catch screw
  9. Upper tension screw
  10. 1/16 allen-threaded rear takedown pin set screw
  11. Ambi bolt release
  12. Ambi bolt release spring
  13. Ambi bolt release screw
  14. Magazine release
  15. Magazine release spring
  16. Magazine release screw


  • If you purchase the ejector (#1), the magazine stop (#2), or the LRBHO (#3), the neccessary roll pins will be included.
  • If you purchase the ambi bolt release (#11), it will automatically include #11, #12, #13, and #7.
  • If you purchase the magazine release (#14), it will automatically include #15 and #16.

Recent reviews

4 out of 5 stars


Purchased 2 AR-9s to enter into uspsa PCC division. Upon first receiving the rifles build quality was and parts selected in the build were thought out good quality and worked well. Because of covid shipping took longer than i would have liked but custom service was quick and provided updates as requested. Rifles shot well and consistent as long as I used factory ammo and factory glock mags. The rifle did not like reloads or ETS mags neither of which are deal breakers to me. I did run into partial batter/out if batter discharges which caused the mag release bar to bend making the rifle unusable. Yet again customer service was excellent in getting replacement parts and answering questions. The employees actually reached out to me to better understand my situation and come up with a fix. Would absolutely recommend purchasing again especially if they went deeper into competition focused parts or builds.

tarl l.

February 14, 2024