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Juggernaut Tactical is proud to introduce the first 9MM AR pistol on the CA Approved Handgun Roster (click here for more details). Never compromising on quality, the new California Compliant JT-9 SSP rifle is ahead of its class in design and features. Top-notch furniture designed to improve both the shooting experience and operator performance. The exclusive JT-9 M-LOK 9” handguard provides heat shields and flexible attachment points, including a Picatinny rail integrated into the handguard ends. The Hellfighter rear pin assembly is complemented by the Internal Magazine lock, making this the best option for your CA compliant 9MM AR pistol. Next, the JT 8.5-inch barrel features a 1:10 twist rate to handle a wide range of bullet types.

  • T6 Aerospace grade Billet aluminum lower and upper receivers
  • Approved On CA Handgun Roster
  • 8.5” barrel 1:10 twist rate
  • Chambered in 9MM
  • JT Flash Can recessed into handguard 
  • Proprietary M-LOK 9” handguard
  • Reduced Friction black nitride bolt carrier group 
  • Hellfighter rear pin assembly
  • Internal magazine lock 
  • Rubber overmolded Juggernaut grip
  • Billet 7075 Charging Handle with ambidextrous controls
  • Made in the USA
  • Single Shot/Bolt Action 
  • Patents Pending
  • Lock included
  • Double rifle bag

Warning: The shortest legal length barrel for a rifle is 16". The barrel length of this upper is shorter than 16". Check your local laws before using.

Note: If purchased in a state where a standard semi-auto configuration is legal, that is the configuration that will be provided.

Must ship to an FFL holder.

Recent reviews

5 out of 5 stars

Great quality

Very good quality, shoots very smooth!


March 2, 2024

5 out of 5 stars

The JT-9 SSP is a FANTASTIC gun!

The JT-9 SSP is a FANTASTIC gun! I feel like everyone sleeps on this because it's a single shot. But the simple (and I mean SIMPLE) installation of the magazine catch assembly and you have got yourself a reliable, semi-auto, 9mm AR pistol… that's ON ROSTER! NOT single shot exemption… ON ROSTER. The fit and finishing of this gun is phenomenal. Juggernaut is clearly a top-notch machine shop who knows what they're doing. I've purchased a few of their accessories before, but this was the first full firearm of theirs that I've purchased and/or used. I am impressed and happy to say it is made with the same quality as the accessories. I mentioned the reliability above. That is something that I was a little worried about because that is one of the complaints most people have about PCC's… especially in an AR Pistol configuration. I have not had any of the common issues associated with this platform. · The ejector has a nice tight fit against the bolt carrier, ensuring proper casing ejection. · They come standard with a heavy 6oz buffer specific to this application, which helps to ensure proper cycling. · The barrel funnel is a standard Colt-style profile; however, I have yet to experience ANY feeding issues, even with hollow point ammunition. Juggernaut seems to have figured out the proper orientation of the Glock magazine in the magwell to eliminate this common issue (No need to purchase an aftermarket barrel with an EPC style funnel). To top off the consistency and reliability… this gun is accurate!! It's the kind of gun that makes you feel good about yourself and likely will overhype your confidence in your shooting ability. The kind that has you making sure it's in your bag for every range trip. That's another thing… This gun comes in an awesome bag! Not some cheap plastic Plano case. The gun comes in a Savior - American Classic Shorty. If you've used any of Savior's bags, you already know that this is a sweet bonus. The JT-9 SSP is just plain fun to shoot. My buddy and I went to the range together after I bought this, and his first comment was, "Hhhhhuuuuuuuhhhhhh……. Now, I'm gonna have to buy one." Do yourself the favor and buy it. You deserve it.

Michael S.

February 21, 2024

5 out of 5 stars

Love my JT-9

Great platform from a great company. Every part of the buying process to the delivery at my FFL was smooth. Juggernaut Tactical has a lifetime customer in me.

Justin S.

February 8, 2024

5 out of 5 stars

Great pistol option for CA

Nice to have this as a pistol option in California.


February 4, 2024