G3 Mod Starter Kit

Glock Model
Magazine Base Plate

Juggernaut changes the game with its new Glock G3 Mod kits. Specially designed for the Glock Gen 3, the G3 mod kits will drastically enhance the look, feel and performance for the operator. All billet construction and made in California, the G3 mod kits come ready for the Glock 17, 19, 22, and 23.

The Starter Kit includes everything the operator needs to fully enhance their side arm. Choose your custom magazine base plates configured in select colors and size in either standard or extended (no extra round). Add in JT’s custom machined flared magazine well and you have the complete starter kit for your Glock Gen 3.

This kit includes:

Flared aluminum magwell

Two aluminum base plates

*This kit does not include any frame modification like our Ultimate Mod Package. This includes parts only and will be shipped directly to you.