JT Thumb Rest


Finally a featureless system that is comfortable! By adding the JT Thumb Rest into any featureless build, the operator finally solves the problem of where to place the shooting hand thumb. Works on any lower in ar-15 or ar-10 platform, and works with all other featurelss stocks! This is a must have for any stocks that do not allow operator to “wrap” the webbing of the hand around a “grip.”

  • Replaces the rear take down pin on ar-15 or ar-10
  • Easily installs just like a regular rear take down pin.
  • Hardcoat anodized and T6 aerospace grade aluminium
  • Thumb Rest can be adjusted to 20 different rotational positions for a custom fit.
  • Increases accuracy and safety
  • Incorporate with JT ambi lower and JT ambi safety for a fully ambidextrious featureless rifle.
  • Works with any featureless stock
  • Made in USA

Recent reviews

5 out of 5 stars

give it a rest

For anyone that shoots precision or just shooting for group particularly from any rested position, and having adopted the 'thumb shelving' position (keeping your trigger hand thumb along the receiver/stock area on the same side and just above your trigger finger) and you've adapted it to an AR platform that has a good trigger this thing makes stupid simple sense. Even an AR primarily used for 3Gun or even any CQB applications if you've come to take the longer shots with this thumb shelf grip hand position this rear takedown pin is the way to go. Also facilitates easily popping out that takedown for a quick swabbing of the chamber and bore between stations/sets. I sought this out knowing if I thought of it someone else already did. Found this and knew I had to have a few. A very good idea AND well executed.


March 3, 2024

5 out of 5 stars

Juggernaut Tactical Thumb Rest

Excellent product! Part is very nicely machined, as advertised and fits the lower receiver better than expected. Fully adjustable and solves the exact issue I was having. Another quality product from Juggernaut Tactical!

Nicholas G.

February 9, 2024

5 out of 5 stars

Great Feel, Very Comfortable

Due to having a CA compliant AR15. the Thumb Rest makes it super comfortable to grip my featureless grip. Very nice materials used, feels very sturdy. I have also installed one on my wife's AR, and she absolutely loves it. Great product.

N. N.

January 31, 2024